Monday, January 15, 2018

Substantial Heart

Substantial Heart

(Endless Heart x Substantial Evidence)

26" scapes - 4" flower - Diploid - Early - Extended - 3 branches - 16 buds - Dormant - Rebloom

Open,  flat, structural flower with petals lifting off sepals in most instances creating a three-dimensional effect that is eye-catching along with the bright, glowing dark orange to light orange throat flowing into a light, bright red transition zone between the throat and petals, repeated on the sepals, and the deep, intense red petals and sepals with strong substance, showing a raised midrib extending all the way down to the base of the throat and ruffles on the petals.

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Substantial Heart combines the finest traits of both parents. An extremely rain and sunfast deep red with a bright flaming orange throat that makes the whole flower simply glow. The picture above shows the flower after a day of driving rain, and while you can see some tiny dots from the beating it took, the flower is still intact and looks great. The extreme thickness of the substance combined with the resistance to rain and sun sets this one apart from almost any red I have grown and makes for a much stronger flower in the garden than the pod parent or any of the siblings I raised from this cross. I think Substantial Heart will be nice in the garden for anyone, but will be especially valuable for people interested in breeding reblooming red diploids of exceptional substance and resilience.

In addition to the fine resilience and substance of the flower, the presentation of the flower is always extremely striking with the flower showing a lot of character. The petals show heavy texture with the midrib being raised from the petal end all the way down into the throat and the sepals mirror textural elements, as well. The extreme substance and texture combine to make a very three-dimensional effect on the surface of the petals and the ruffling is very nice for this type of small reblooming diploid. The petals also frequently lift off the sepals making an interesting effect from all angles. To top it all off, the flower shows very good thrip resistance, unusual for any daylily, but especially so for red and purple types.

Beyond the striking flower, the plant is extremely rust resistant, never having shown a speck of rust throughout my entire five-year screening program. The foliage is low and a medium-dark green, though not as dark as the other 'Substantial' family introductions I've made to date. The scape is nice with 3 branches and 16+ buds. The rebloom is regular in my garden, usually instant rebloom and often showing late season rebloom as well.

The photo above shows Substantial Heart at the end of the day on a 100+ degree F day, having spent the majority of the day in full sun and during a very heavy thrip outbreak. This was the year that I really recognized how extraordinary this flower is. Beyond the beautiful flower and nice plant traits, Substantial Heart has been an excellent breeder, fertile both ways, and passing on its substance, rain and sunfast traits, as well as its thrip and rust resistance. I think this one can be a very useful breeder in diploid programs for a number of traits. When bred to green throats, I see green throats in the seedlings. When bred to larger types, I have seen larger flowers as well. I have also seen a range of interesting colors, including some nice purples. and I have seen a large number of reblooming seedlings from Substantial Heart as well.

Substantial Heart in full sun at midday