Friday, January 4, 2019

2019 Introductions Announced

2019 Introductions Announced!

New for 2019

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Mini Pearl

Mini Pearl 

Jablonski – 1982 – (Baby Julia x sdlg) – Dip – 16” – 3” – EM – Dorm – Re – Ext – Blush pink self with green lemon throat.

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A clear light melon that is extremely well-branched with lots of buds, nice foliage and often has instant rebloom with occasional late season rebloom. A mature clump often looks like a bouquet. 

Mini pearl has been fertile for me and the plant has shown very good rust resistance and thrip resistance. It isn't early-midseason here, but more mid to mid-late season, so it skips serious thrip problems in my garden. The branching is very impressive, the foliage is pretty, the flower is bright and the plant is gorgeous flowering as a mature clump.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Rust Resistance: A Few Words

Rust Resistance: A Few Words

Read my new article about rust resistance breeding and selection, and my own selection program. Click below to read.