Monday, January 15, 2018

Substantial Glow

Substantial Glow

(Stella De Oro x Substantial Evidence)

26" scapes - 4" flower - Diploid - Early - Extended - 3 branches - 15 buds - Dormant - Rebloom

Open, flat flower of brightest acid orange with a profusion of scapes and strong rebloom.

I will discontinue carrying Substantial Glow as a regular stock item in 2022. For more information, see this post.

Substantial Glow is one of those intense acid orange flowers that is hard to capture the color properly in photographs, but that in person almost melts your eyes if you look at it too long. The little olive green throat is a nice contrast to the glowing petal color. The flower is usually very flat, slightly textural and open, often a bit unusual in form and with heavy substance. A full sibling to Substantial Returns and Substantial Substance, the substance of all three is heavy, though nothing is like Substantial Substance for extremely thick substance. Substantial Glow and Substantial Returns are of substance similar to pollen parent Substantial Evidence. As you can see in the picture at the top of the page, the flower is extremely rain fast. In the picture below, you can see it after an entire day in 100 degree F temperature and full sun, showing how sun fast it also is.

A flower like this that holds up in extreme heat and full sun, as well as heavy rain, is very valuable for gardeners, landscape uses and commercial growers and sellers. Substantial Glow is a brilliant sentinel in the garden, calling from across the garden, easily grabbing your eye and holding your attention.

In the above picture, you can really see how flat Substantial Glow's flower is. All three siblings have this beautiful flat form which makes the flower much larger appearing without any actual additional petal length necessary, but this one is usually the flattest of the three. It is fertile both ways, and as a parent it also produces this flat look, as well as a range of bright, clear colors. Combined with the very high rust resistance, moderately high thrip resistance, high scape-to-fan ratio and rebloom, Substantial Glow is valuable for both gardeners and breeders. There is tremendous potential for this cultivar and its siblings to make a whole new look and level of resilience amongst the small reblooming diploid daylilies that are so popular in gardens and landscape uses.

The picture above shows a double row of Substantial Glow (Ziggy Played Guitar is to the left and Early Symphony is to the right). Substantial Glow makes an amazing show, with high scape-to-fan ratio and a profusion of flowers, it is like an atomic fire in the garden! With instant rebloom and late season rebloom, it gives quite a show.

Above is a more closeup shot of the Substantial Glow line-outs. It is just a glow of rain and sunfast, flat flowers in profusion. If you look closely you can see the nice branching as well as the instant rebloom scapes coming on below the mature, blooming scapes. The foliage is pretty, dark green and holds up very well until fall when it senesces here in my garden and then the plant remains dormant throughout my winter and well into the spring. I suspect this one will be hardy anywhere either parent is hardy.

A beautiful flower with amazing coloring and a very modern form, Substantial Glow is of great use in the garden, for landscape uses and for commercial growers and sellers, but it will also give beautiful, modern seedlings for daylily breeders. In my breeding work with it, I have gotten some amazing, bright clean colors and very flat formed flowers with heavy substance and the strong rust resistance that Substantial Glow shows. I think all three of the introductions I have made from the cross of Stella De Oro x Substantial Evidence are surprising, offering unexpected advancements that change the small reblooming diploids and have the potential to add a great deal to diploid breeding on several levels - modern form, thick substance, rust resistance, clean attractive foliage and strong rebloom.