Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Zella Virginia

Zella Virginia 

Kropf – 1982 – (Double Harvest Moon x Double Violet Rose) – D - 24” – 6” – Mid – Frag – Dorm – Re – ext – Double – Cantaloupe self with green throat.

AHS Registry Link

Zella Virginia is a lovely melon hose-in-hose double. It is very rust resistant for me and shows moderate thrip resistance. It  has been a good increaser and the foliage is a medium-dark green that is fairly attractive. I can't locate my picture of it, so go to the AHS link to see it. You can also see multiple pictures of it a The National Gardening Association database.

Zella Virginia is fertile both ways, but all flowers don't show stamens or a pistil. When it has either, they will work. Seedlings have also shown a good number with rust resistance in my garden.