Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Volcan Fuego

Volcan Fuego 

Mahieu - 2003 - (H. hakuunensis x Burning Daylight) - Dip - 48” - 4” - Late - Dormant - Frag - 5 br - 54 buds - Intense glowing orange flecked scarlet reverse bitone above neon orange throat.

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Volcan Fuego, to me, is the epitome of Brian Mahieu's program. The outcross of a hybrid cultivar with a species that is not represented in the modern hybrid gene pool, expanding the gene pool of the hybrids in potentially vast ways, is the hallmark of Brian's creative and genetically sound approach.

Volcan Fuego isn't just a genetic treasure trove either. It is a stunning plant and a gorgeous flower with much application for breeding modern hybrids, especially in the unusual form and spider types. Just look at the scapes in the picture above! It has tree-like scapes in a mature clump. It is very fertile both ways, very hardy and fast increasing, and shows extremely high rust resistance and excellent thrip resistance. Fertile both ways, and invaluable for breeding for many traits. It passes its rust and thrip resistance, as well as its amazing scapes and great plant performance. I consider it a 'must have' at the diploid level (would someone convert it to tetraploid, already?), and one of Brian Mahieu's most important contributions to the daylily world.

The blooms are not just orange, but show a dusting of red speckles on the petals and sepals as an eyezone. I have seen this speckling in its seedlings and it should be in any program for speckling, streaking or stippling at the dip level.

The effect of a mature clump is gorgeous, and again, look at those scapes! So much to offer, give Volcan Fuego a try!