Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Red Ribbons

Red Ribbons 

Lenington – 1964 – (Wanda x Mabel Fuller) – Dip – 39” – 8” – Mid – Ev – spider 4.7 – Red self with greenish yellow throat.

AHS Registry Link

A beautiful red spider that has shown very high rust resistance for me. The plant is evergreen, but is very hardy in my zone 6/7 garden and doesn't show serious damage or fan-loss here even in the worst winters. Another one I haven't gotten a picture of, even though I have had it for years. Go to the AHS link above or The National Garden Association database to see many pictures.

I have found Red Ribbons to be fertile both ways and it is an excellent breeder for spider types and rust resistance. It also passes the green throat. The midseason bloom allows it to escape serious damage to the flowers from late spring freezes and mitigates thrip problems in my garden.