Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Match Point

Match Point 

Stadler – 2009 – (Wild and Wonderful x Long Stocking) – 38” – 9” – Early – Br-4 – Bc-22 – Dorm – Re – Spider 4.4 – Light orange with red eye above green throat.

AHS Registry Link

Match Point is a beautiful spider tetraploid that is a registered 'dormant'. It does show senescent foliage in my garden and is very hardy. It has nice foliage, good scapes, fast increase and vigorous growth. The flowers are very attractive. The plant is much hardier for me that its parents, with much better performance, much more suited to my cold-winter, zone 6/7 garden.

The photo at the top of the page shows the flower in early morning while the picture immediately above is of the flower in late evening. It holds up well throughout the day in sun and holds the green throat.

The plant shows only moderate rust resistance, but it is not damaged by the presence of rust and performs normally the next year, so it does show tolerance to rust. It has moderate thrip resistance, as good or better than either parent. The scapes show nice branching making for an attractive display of the big flowers.

The picture below shows Match Point at full clump strength. It is extremely showy when mature. It is very pollen fertile. I have found pods difficult, but I have produced some and have some good seedlings from it, including seedlings showing great rust resistance. I think Match Point is an excellent breeder, especially for cold-winter hardy dormant spiders at the tetraploid level and also for rust resistance when paired with more resistant partners.