Sunday, January 21, 2018

Substantial Evidence

Substantial Evidence

Norris-R. - 2005 - {(Lights of Detroit x When I Dream) x (Lights of Detroit x When I Dream) x Special Invitation} - Diploid - Dormant - 33" scapes - 6" flower - Midseason - Bud count: 16-20 - Branching: 3 way - Yellow with salmon overlay early in the day fading to yellow with pale edge by evening with green throat and very flat form

Substantial Evidence is a stunning flower. It is also a good plant. The flatness of the flower is astounding. It is an advancement in its flatness and will open the door to even flatter cultivars in the future. The flower starts the day as dusty rose, fading through the day to a golden yellow. This color change is consistent, and while it is not the striking and amazing colors that Pigment of Imagination changes through, I suspect it is the same type of color change. The flower is large and does require deadheading to keep the plant looking clean and to not have the wilted flowers hang up the upcoming flowers.
The plant is attractive, of a chartreuse-green coloring that is fairly gold in new growth. The foliage is mostly senescent (dormant), though the plant tends to keep a slightly open resting bud above ground during my winter. The plant increases quickly, establishes quickly, recovers from division well and makes a large clump that is very impressive. It is very hardy here in my zone 6 garden, having been bred in zone 5. It is said to be hardy through much of the country. The flower begins to open in the afternoon, opening into the night and staying open all day into the next evening.
Substantial Evidence is fertile both ways. The pollen is good, but it needs to be gathered the evening before the flower is fully open. The flowers start opening the evening before, so gather the pollen when the flower is starting to open in the evening and let it mature inside to use the next day. Substantial Evidence is also pod fertile, though not wildly so, but it sets enough pods to be well worth the effort and the seeds germinate very well producing seedlings that grow like crazy.

Substantial Evidence shows moderately high rust resistance, very high in some years, less so in others. I have many reports of it showing very high resistance in many gardens, but I also have reports of it showing lower resistance in other gardens. I have seen it show very high resistance and less resistance from year to year in my garden. This may be variable response to different strains of rust, different environmental conditions from year to year or both. I have produced several very rust resistant seedlings from Substantial Evidence, seedlings that have been more resistant than Substantial Evidence and more consistently so over multiple years in my garden, by breeding Substantial Evidence to cultivars showing equal or higher rust resistance. Several of these will become introductions.

I consider Substantial Evidence to be an extremely important breeder for form, for rust resistance and for adding advanced form to rust resistance breeding. It is also a very nice garden plant, simply stunning and showy in the landscape.