Sunday, January 21, 2018

Spider Miracle

Spider Miracle

Hendricks-W. - 1986 - Diploid - Dormant - 36" + scapes - 8.5" flower - Midseason - Unusual Form - Yellow green spider with green throat

A notable early spider type that isn't actually a spider, based on the petal measurements. A cascading unusual form of wonderful color, a bright lemon yellow that fades through the day to paler edges with a gorgeous green throat.  Some people find Spider Miracle to be very pod fertile, but it has never been for me. I have only set a few pods in the summer of 2011, when it set three pods for me. Those three are all I have ever gotten. I have used its pollen more heavily, spreading it across a number of spider and narrow diploids. Spider Miracle can throw very nice seedlings with good pairing selection.

During my five year screening, I have rarely seen rust spores on Spider Miracle. In the two instances I saw sporulate, it was in very small quantities. It is a "dormant" that will tend to not go fully underground in my zone 6 garden. I have little data on Spider Miracle for hardiness in the deep south and for rust resistance in the deep south, but I know of instances of Spider Miracle living in zone 8 through zone 4.

Spider Miracle is a great landscape plant. With fairly attractive foliage, especially for an older unusual form, and nice branching on mature (2 to 3 year) clumps, the plant can be a real standout in the garden as well as breeding interesting seedlings.