Sunday, January 21, 2018



Hanson – 1990 – (Tuxedo Moon x Tetra Grand Masterpiece)  - 26” – 6” – Mid – Frag – Sev – Purple Self with green chartreuse throat

Nosferatu is one of Curt Hanson’s classic older cultivars. It is a lovely seedling of the tetraploid conversion of Grand Masterpiece, which is a seedling of Super Purple. Nosferatu is a much better flower than Grand Masterpiece with much better sepals (a problem area for Grand Masterpiece and many of its descendants), and while the flower is more burgundy than Grand Masterpiece, it is still a lovely color.

The foliage is semi-evergreen and I have many reports of it doing well over many parts of the country, north and south. The foliage is attractive and the plant increases moderately quickly. The flower doesn’t always open well on cold mornings, so cross it to good cold morning openers.

Nosferatu is strongly pollen fertile, but only moderately pod fertile for me. Nosferatu also shows rust resistance and has been noted to be resistant in many other gardens and in several evaluation tests. I have produced more resistant seedlings from Nosferatu.