Sunday, January 21, 2018

Mama's Cherry Pie

Mama's Cherry Pie

Faye Shooter – 1998 – (Whooperee x Elizabeth Salter) – Tet – 26” – 6” – Mid – Br-3 – Bc-20 – Sev – Re – Cherry red with flesh and yellow edges above slightly deeper red eye

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Mama’s Cherry Pie is a lovely flower, with its cherry red flowers that frequently show a white edge that tends to increase in size through the day and be quite wide by evening. The foliage is semi-evergreen and is attractive, though it does have some susceptibility to late spring freezes. Otherwise the plant is very hardy for me and doesn’t decrease or wither away, even in the harshest winters I have had. 

The plant shows very fast increase for me and recovers fairly quickly from division. The plant is also a very good rebloomer here in my garden. It does well in the south and seems to also do well in more northern climates. My original division came from New England/zone 5.

Mama’s Cherry Pie is very fertile both ways. It is very rust resistant in my garden and I have reports of it showing resistance in many other gardens also. Many of those reports are from gardens in the south. I have consistently produced resistant seedlings from this cultivar. Many of its siblings and both of its parents are known to show some level of rust resistance also. However, I have noted that a good number of the seedlings from Mama’s Cherry Pie show some level of late freeze intolerance, so if you are working with it for colder climates, cross it to frost resistant plants.