Sunday, January 21, 2018

Little Grapette

Little Grapette

Williamson - 1970 - 12” - 2” - E - Sev - D. Nice small purple. Heavily flowering and over a long period

Little Grapette is a lovely little purple that is a strong grower, flowers well for a long period of time, increases well and is an excellent landscaping plant. The scape is usually closer to 18” here in my garden, sometimes as much as 24”. The foliage is semi-evergreen and the plant is very hardy. The flower is a nice little thing, of a good grape purple tone with a darker grape eye that fades into an orange/red as it moves toward the green throat. The scapes are well-branched and it produces a lot of buds.

Little Grapette is very fertile both ways. It is very rust resistant here in my garden, and has been through every year of screening, even when surrounded by highly susceptible cultivars. This is very interesting, as Little Grapette is typically rated as susceptible in most studies in which it has been tested in the lab. I have no idea why it has never shown rust here, as I have gone out of my way to infect it, based upon the previous ratings I have read about it. Perhaps there is some difference between exposure in the field and exposure in the lab that makes the difference in susceptibility. Perhaps Little Grapette is susceptible to some strains of rust but not with others. Or perhaps it is environmental differences. I don’t know.

All I can tell you is that it has never shown any rust here on multiple clumps spread throughout all the garden areas here, with every attempt made to give it rust, every year for five years. Itt has produced a significant number of seedlings that also show this very high rust resistance for me. I have no idea what it might do for others. I do have reports of it showing high resistant in other gardens, even in the south.