Sunday, January 21, 2018

Insider Trading

Insider Trading

Buntyn – 2003 – (Forever Red x sdlg) - Tet – 30” – 5” – EM – Frag – Br-5 – Bc-36 – Ev – Re – Ext – Red with chalk red eye above green throat

Insider Trading is a beautiful flower. It is a hardy evergreen that does very well here in my zone 6 garden and shows good tolerance to late spring freezes. The flowers are very attractive, scarlet red with a pink/red watermark/band, a very triangular throat with olive green deep in the throat fading out to chartreuse and then near white. The petal edges are ruffled and it shows moderate resistance to thrip/aphid predation. In my garden it frequently reblooms.

Insider Trading in a mass planting

The plant is a fast increaser and recovers quickly from dividing. Insider Trading is very fertile both ways and the seedlings tend to have good frost tolerance as well, in my experience. It flourishes in the deep south, as well. I have no data on its performance in the north in zones lower than my garden, but I suspect it will survive in some northern gardens due to its hardiness and high freeze tolerance here.

Insider Trading is also very rust resistant and has been shown to be so in many gardens and in several screening tests. I have observed it show extremely high resistance, on multiple clumps in multiple locations throughout the garden even when surrounded by highly susceptible cultivars, and it has shown very good breeding value for rust resistance in my experience too. It can be used both for combining with other very high resistance cultivars (where one can expect a high percentage of resistant seedlings) as well as for salvage work with less resistant cultivars (where the percentage of resistant cultivars will be lower). I consider Insider Trading to be an extremely important cultivar for breeding rust resistant seedlings with fancier faces.