Sunday, January 21, 2018

Hush Little Baby

Hush Little Baby

Sikes - 1992 - Trade-last x Neal Berrey - Diploid - Dormant - 22" scapes - 5" flower - Mid-late - Rose pink blend with yellow to green throat.

A beautiful pink ruffled flower. It tends to very nice color and excellent form. It is generally highly rust resistant, occasionally showing a few spores in extreme outbreaks when surrounded by heavily infected plants. In a low rust situation, it tends to show no spores. It shows breeding value for resistance and both of its parents are also noted as being highly rust resistant individuals.

Hush Little Baby in a mass planting

I have no information in its performance in the deep south, but it is registered as "dormant" and it does tend to go underground with all of its leaves senescing here in most winters. It is hardy into at least zone 5.

Click to read my review of that paper from 2014.

Hush Little Baby is very pod fertile for me and has produced many very nice seedlings. It appears to be able to pass its rust resistance to some of its offspring and it passes its lovely ruffling and clear color. When bred to other cultivars with equal or higher rust resistance, a higher than average percentage of highly resistant seedlings are usually seen in my seedling bed.