Sunday, January 21, 2018



Hager – 1990 – [(American Revolution x Kindly Light) X Bold One] – Dip - 45” – 7” – ML – Dorm – Ext – Sp 4.8 – Light yellow spider with pale reddish eyezone and small green throat

Divertissment is a lovely older spider that has many good traits. The flowers are a lovely cascade form that are not as narrow as their maternal grandfather Kindly Light, but are every bit as lovely. This cultivar has a better plant than many Kindly Light descendants and the scapes are well branched with high bud counts. I occasionally see rebloom in this one here in my garden. It is a senescent (dormant) that tends to go fully underground in winter here in my garden. The plant increases well and establishes quickly after division. 

Divertissment shows moderate rust resistance, more in some years than others, but I have never seen it heavily infested. I have reports of it showing moderately high resistance for rust in many other gardens. I do not have any data on this cultivar’s performance in the deep south, so I do not know if it survives as a senescent (dormant) there or diminishes or of it shows the same rust resistance in the deep south that it shows in colder zones.

My own experience is that Divertissment shows good breeding value for its plant traits and for rust resistance, but it needs to be combined with cultivars showing higher rust resistance to see a significant number of rust resistant seedlings. However, its fine plant traits make it worthy of use, as it can improve branching and foliage in spider and unusual form lines.