Sunday, January 21, 2018

Beautiful Edgings

Beautiful Edgings

Copenhaver – 1989 – (Best of Friends x sdlg) – D – 30” – 7” – Mid – Frag – Semi-evergreen – Re – Cream with rose edging above green throat

I love Beautiful Edgings. It is a classic older cultivar of the eye-no-edge type that shows the beautiful rose edge on a cream-yellow background. It is a very good growing plant for me, with nice foliage, good increase and it establishes quickly after dividing. It has a long bloom season here and is very pod and pollen fertile.

The foliage of Beautiful Edgings is beautiful and semi-evergreen, with some foliage remaining here above ground except in the coldest winters. The plant is very hardy here in my zone 6 garden. I have reports of this cultivar flourishing over much of North America, both in the north and the south. It increases quickly and establishes quickly when divided. It puts on a beautiful show and is an excellent garden specimen.

Beautiful Edgings has been a reliable breeder for me. It shows moderately high rust resistance in my garden and I have reports of it showing moderately high resistance in many other gardens. It also shows breeding value for rust resistance in my experience and I have several good seedlings from Beautiful Edgings that show resistance to rust of equal or higher levels than Beautiful Edgings itself. A good breeder for most any program, but indispensable for starting an edge-no-eye program with rust resistance.