Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Ziggy Played Guitar Special

Breaking News!

Due to a fortunate turn of events, my available stock of Ziggy has just doubled, so I am passing my good fortune on to you!

Several years ago I sent small divisions of Ziggy (as seedling GWLM3) out to several fellow growers to test in different locations. I have consistently received good reports from multiple locations around the country with no failures, though increase is a bit slower in the north than in the south, and I am happy to report that rust resistance has also shown to be equally high in warm-winter gardens with endemic rust.

Last night, I spoke with a friend growing Ziggy in the deep south. He has seen extremely fast increase in his garden with Ziggy Played Guitar, and the original small double fan division I sent him increased to over twenty fans within 18 months! He then divided Ziggy into several clumps and a piece to use in his greenhouse (where he has gotten some pods on Ziggy, BTW!). He now has several large clumps and offered to send me a couple of those clumps (20+ fans each) back as a thank you for sending it to him. This will slightly more than double my stock, so rather than simply holding that benefit for myself, I want to share that with other daylily growers and breeders, making Ziggy more affordable and more widely available.

So I am taking the unheard of step of reducing the price of Ziggy by 50% in its first month as a new introduction. Why am I doing this, you might ask? After all, new daylily introductions are commonly $100.00 (or considerably more). Well, it has always been my goal to produce exceptional daylilies with advanced traits in both the flower and the plant and to spread those daylilies out to as many people as possible for use in breeding and to enjoy in their gardens. It is also my goal to offer reasonable pricing for my introductions, right from the first year of introduction.

I firmly believe that the more people working with any given genome, the more chance there is of real breakthroughs and advancements. For instance, Ziggy Played Guitar has many excellent traits to offer as a breeder, and I am thrilled to be able to offer it at a lower price, hopefully giving many more people the opportunity to work with it sooner.

As I select daylilies with superior plant and flower traits, and that increase well, it is my goal to offer great plants with advancements in both flower and plant, and with high breeding value, that are affordable and highly useful for both the gardener and the breeder. Whenever possible, any lucky breaks (like I just got here on Ziggy) will be passed on to my customers.