Tuesday, January 16, 2018

James Dean Gallion

James Dean Gallion 

Selman – 2012 - (Key To My Heart x Velvet Ribbons) – Tet – 38” – 6.5” – Mid – Br-5 – Bc-30 – Dorm – Burgundy red blooms with a lighter edge and small yellow to green throat.

AHS Registry Link

Another of Bob Selman's wonderful introductions, James Dean Gallion is a beautiful flower. Somehow, the only pictures I have are from the first year I had it, so I am using Bob Selman's picture from the AHS registry to show you what the flower looks like when it is established. And that is how it looks. My two picture (immediately above and below) are from the summer after the spring I received the division from Bob. While it isn't at its full glory in those pictures, it is still impressive to be a division in the ground for only a couple of months! And James Dean Gallion is impressive.

A beautiful flower, it also has a beautiful plant under it and the scape is nice. The flower is a bright burgundy red and has pale pink/white edges. The throat is green and the petals are long and often pinch. Fertile both ways, it has been a bit more pod difficult for me. Rust resistance is moderate and I have gotten seedlings with higher resistance when mated with more resistant plants. Thrip resistance is moderately high and the flower shows good rain and sun resistance holding up very well. The plant is attractive, shows good increase, vigor and is very hardy.

James Dean Gallion is an excellent plant for use in breeding cold-hardy, modern tetraploid spiders and unusual forms and is a gorgeous garden display as well.