Sunday, January 21, 2018

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels 

Calhoun - 1992 - (parentage unknown) - Dip - 36” - 8.5” - EM - Re - Dorm - Spider 5.50:1 - Red spider with yellow eyezone above yellow green throat.

AHS Registry Link

Hot Wheels is a very attractive, large diploid spider that shows extremely high rust resistance. It is a valuable breeder for rust resistance and spider type. I don't have a picture, but I can tell you that it is attractive in the garden, on medium-tall scapes with fair branching. To see a picture, go to the AHS link above or go to The National Garden Association database to see several pictures.

Fertile both ways, it will set pods, but pollen is a bit easier for me. It is a good parent both ways. The foliage is attractive for a spider-type and the scape is nice. The flower is large and is often quilled and curled. The rust resistance is very high and it seems to have good breeding value for rust resistance.