Monday, July 31, 2017

Fall 2017 Clump Sale and Seedling Sale

Fall 2017 Clump Sale and Seedling Sale

It is that time of year! Time to make some hard decisions, refocus my program and make room in my grow-out beds for new things.

I have two specials going for this fall - Clump Clearance Sale and Select Seedling Sale. I will also offer a few divisions of a handful of select cultivars on my Facebook page throughout this fall that are not on my regularly listed sale list. Follow my Facebook page to watch out for these special listing.

Select Seedling Sale

As many of you know, I did a large rust resistance screening program for five years from 2012 through 2016. I have many, many seedlings, especially at the diploid level, that have been through one to five years of rust resistance screening. I am now focusing my program and eliminating many of the diploid lines I have been working with, but I can't bring myself to simply compost these select, rust resistance-screened seedlings. There is much potential here for anyone interested in selecting and breeding for rust resistance. I should keep a lot more of these, but I have to focus my program and reduce its scope, so my loss is your gain.

These seedlings will be sold in box lots, in medium and large Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes. Each box will be a mixture of seedlings without any designation as to what they are, but they will all be diploids. I don't have time to label them all or to select specific plants, though some may get labeled and I will try to select lines that reflect your interests. While they are a mixture, but I will make every effort to include plants in each box that have been through four to five years of screening without showing any rust here, as well as some plants that have had fewer years of screening in my screening program. There is no guarantee that any of these will be resistant in your garden. You may have a different strain of rust than I have screened for (though it is likely I have screened with several strains. As I had to bring rust in from the south every year and to ensure I had rust, I brought in plants each year from many sources, so the likelihood of only having one strain of rust is small), and undoubtedly, strains of rust will evolve in time that may circumvent any strain of rust. However, I think these seedlings are important, as the majority are from cultivars that have shown resistance for several years and in multiple gardens in many parts of the country, as well as in my garden throughout the screening process. In addition to rust resistance screening, all of these seedlings have also had some selection for thrip resistance and for flowering traits and plant performance. They are a mixture of foliage types.

The Large box will run $75.00 (which includes postage) and will contain about 20 fans. The Medium box will run $50.00 and will contain about 12 fans. I will cram absolutely as many fans as possible into those boxes so you will probably get more than I am listing and I will send the best things I have, working on a first-come-first-served basis, so if you are interested, get your order in fast. You may order multiple boxes, and for multiples, I can offer further discounts. If you have specific interests or want to make specific requests for colors/forms/foliage type of these select seedlings, contact me with your interest or requests. I might not be able to accommodate your requests, but I will if I can. These will start shipping in Mid-September. Once they are gone, that is it, and any left over are going into the compost. I wish that weren't the case, but I just have to focus. My loss is your gain!

Clump Clearance Sale

I have a good number of cultivars in multiple clumps and I need to reduce some of these. I also have some cultivars in single clumps that need to go. Space is at a premium and I can't keep increasing my garden space. I don't want to have a huge inventory of other hybridizer's cultivars. I like to have a few clumps of some things, but I don't want to be a big commercial producer. All of these are good plants, or I wouldn't still have them. Most are great garden plants and would be an excellent opportunity for instant clumps or for any individual to start a commercial enterprise or for any retailer to obtain good stock at an excellent price. I have added clump prices for many things to my Sale List, but this clump sale for fall 2017 will offer discounts beyond those already reasonable prices.

I can ship some of these clumps, but that is expensive. I can ship one medium clump in the medium flat rate priority mail box @ $15.00/shipping or 2 medium or 1 large clump in the large flat rate priority box @ $20.00/shipping in addition to the total price of the clumps, though some clumps listed are too large to ship. With the discounts on the clump prices, this may still be a viable route for many, but I would recommend making an appointment for pick-up at the farm to get a real savings. If I dig the clumps for you, the prices will be as listed below for the Clump Sale. Quantities of any clumps I list for sale (below or on the regular sale list) will earn further discounts when picking up clumps at the farm. If you make an appointment and arrive with a shovel and prepared to dig, I can offer further discounts on each clump. This is a great way for anyone who wants a walk-in daylily sales garden to get a start. Unfortunately, I don't have time to have an open-garden sales program, so I don't need to keep a large inventory and want to keep my garden space in check. For any questions you may have, contact me.

Clump Sale List

Note the number after the cultivar and before the sale price is the number of clumps I have available. The price listed is for one clump. These are offered first-come-first-served. Clumps are reserved with payment. Once they are gone, that's it! These have to go, one way or the other. My loss is your gain. These prices only apply till the end of the 2017 fall season (ending about November 1 2017). Clumps listed on my regular Sale List, but not listed below are eligible for further discounts when picked up at the farm by appointment.

Multiple Clumps

Prices are price per clump. The number is how many clumps are available.
  1. Chicago Apache (6+) $20
  2. Buttered Popcorn (4+) $15
  3. Trade-last (2) $15
  4. Mini Pearl (4) $15
  5. Brocaded Gown (2) $15
  6. Substantial Evidence (10-12) $20
  7. Kindly Light (8) $10
  8. Hush Little Baby (4-6) $15
  9. Galaxy Explosion (7) $15
  10. Lavender Arrowhead (2-3) $15
  11. Siloam Mama (4) $15
  12. Wynnson (4) $15
  13. Bill Fall (3) $20
  14. Vintage Bordeaux (2) $15
  15. Crazy Miss Daisy (2) $15
  16. Red Suspenders (2) $15
  17. Wild Wookie (5) $15
  18. Nanuq (4) $15
  19. Charlie Pierce Memorial (2) $15
  20. Rainbow Candy (3-4) $15
  21. Love Comforts the Soul (3-4) $15
  22. Oceans Elven (4) $15
  23. Bee’s Betty Sue (4) $20
  24. Kanai Sensei (12) $15
  25. Insider Trading (6+) $20
  26. Lady Fingers (4) $15
  27. Zelazny (2-4) $15
  28. Dark Of Night (3) $15
  29. So Lovely (2) $15
  30. Dad’s Best White (2-3) $15
  31. Mama’s Cherry Pie (4-6) $15
  32. Wilson Spider (4) $15
  33. Mad Max (2) $15
  34. All American Chief (2) $15
  35. Prairie Blue Eyes Dip (1) $15
  36. tetra Prairie Blue Eyes (4-6) $15
  37. Heavenly Shooting Stars (1-2) $20
  38. Priscilla’s Rainbow (2-3) $15
Single Clumps
  1. Intrepid Patriot $15
  2. Diabolique $15
  3. Matthew Martin $15
  4. Antigua Isle $15
  5. John Karl Seager $15
  6. Age of Aquarius $15
  7. Ferris Wheel $15
  8. Lady Khan $15
  9. Big Apple $15
  10. Rose Emily $15
  11. Super Purple $15
  12. Stella’s Ruffled Finger $10
  13. Betty Warren Woods $15
  14. Boney Maroney $15
  15. Art Gallery Quilling $15
  16. Peacock Maiden $15
  17. 3 of Diamonds $15
  18. May May $10
  19. Pat Mercer $15
  20. Savanah Art $15
  21. Monica Marie $15
  22. Persian Ruby $15
  23. Heavenly Final Destiny $15
  24. Dark Reflection $15
  25. Nowhere To Hide $15
  26. Sacco and Vanzetti $15
  27. Rubies for Congo $15
  28. We Dare to Bare $15
  29. Cindy’s Eye $15
  30. Fashion Police $15
  31. Mildred Mitchell $15
  32. Ruth Parish $15