Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Interesting Flowers

Interesting Flower Traits

For a complete listing of available daylilies and pricing, click here.

Here is a listing of those cultivars I’m offering in 2017 that show more modern or advanced flower traits amongst my offerings. These are not latest-and-greatest, but represent modern traits such as true, extreme spider ratio, modern and rare colors or combinations, edges, eyes and patterned eyes, pleating or cistation, flat and open flower form, or interesting unusual form traits. These may or may not be plants that fit the ‘gardening use’ category. Some may only be applicable to collectors and breeders, with little garden appeal. Some may have garden appeal, either through also showing very good plant/garden performance traits or through being strong enough to be used as an accent plant, often exploiting the weirdness or extremeness of the plant (even where a little extra care is required) for a singular statement or conversation piece. However, some of these are very strong plants with many breeding and gardening applications. Refer to the individual descriptions of the plants for specific information.