Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Garden Standouts

Garden Stand-outs

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On this list are found all those cultivars that have been standouts for garden performance in my garden, and often in many other gardens as well.

There are two main categories that I list in garden uses:
1.) Background/Fill (These can be specimens on their own, but particularly are applicable to mass planting. The shortest ones can make attractive border accents or fill and the medium to tall ones can make wonderful backgrounds or mass plantings for distance viewing or closeup. Some of these offer flowers that are more like the species, while others represent the looks seen in more modern hybrids. These tend toward self colored flowers, though some bicolors, eyes or edges are present)
2.) Specimen Plantings (eye-catching flowers, hybrid styles or interesting weirdness that are generally for single focal-point uses, though some may have uses in the above category for elaborate, more fanciful or whimsical gardens)

Background/Fill (Border, Background, Mass Planting)

Specimen Plantings