Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Breeding Uses

Breeding Uses

For a complete listing of available daylilies and pricing, click here.

Excellent Base Breeders (fertile both ways with very good plant traits, for using as a base-parent in breeding programs - emphasis on pod fertility, but most of these will be very fertile both ways and an excellent program could probably be started by interbreeding these (with consideration to ploidy) or you could cross something very advanced, like Rose F. Kennedy or Substantial Evidence or Lavender Feathers over the diploids below while using any number of advanced and eye-catching new tetraploids over the tetraploids in the list below, to create F1 stock plants for backcrossing and interbreeding)

Kindly Light (the pod fertile clone sold under this name is my favorite and has consistently tested most resistant in my garden and has shown good breeding value)

Flower Traits (may or may not have excellent plant traits - refer to each description - interesting flower types for which they show good breeding value)

Pollen Fertile Only (No pods ever for me - valuable traits such as rust resistance or intensified flower traits)

Kindly Light (There are pollen fertile-only clones of Kindly Light. I find them to be useful, showing good resistance and passing it to their offspring in good number - this group of clones are frequently worth using regardless of which one you get. You will just have to shape your breeding program around the pod fertile and pod sterile)