Sunday, January 21, 2018

Untangle My Emotions

Untangle My Emotions 

2008 - Bremer – [(Bela Lugosi x Cruising For A Bruising) x Cosmic Thunder] – Tet – 23” – 5” – Mid – Br-5 – Bc-28 – Dorm – Re – Ext – Violet mulberry with large chalky eye and silver white ruffled edge above yellow to green throat 

Untangle My Emotions is a very attractive flower with a fancy edge on a gorgeous burgundy face with a lighter watermark eye. The edge is ruffled with a white piecrust edge that occasionally shows a few teeth. The plant is small, but the increase is good. The scapes are short. The foliage is senescent (dormant).

This plant is fertile both ways and sets pods well. The seedlings are attractive and often show the fancy edge.

The plant has been very rust resistant in my garden and has produced rust resistant seedlings for me. Another of Nate Bremer's nice introductions from his northern breeding program.