Sunday, January 21, 2018

Tis Midnight

Tis Midnight

Russell – 1961 – Parentage unknown – Dip – 30” – ML – Dorm –  Black purple self with green throat

Tis Midnight is a beautiful old black burgundy with a very dark eye and narrow petals with a green throat. The scapes are taller for me than the registered height, sometimes up to three and a half feet, and the plant is attractive and fast growing. Tis Midnight is one of the parents of Ed Murray. The foliage is senescent (dormant) and goes underground here.

Tis Midnight is fertile both ways and is a good breeder. I have produced some surprisingly beautiful and modern seedlings from it, unusual forms and near spiders, some with surprisingly good sun/rain resistance, as well as thrip/aphid resistance.

Tis Midnight shows moderate rust resistance and can produce seedlings with higher rust resistance when mated to more resistant plants.