Sunday, January 21, 2018

Soul of the South

Soul of the South

2011 - E. Shooter - A Friend To All x sdlg - 28” - 6” - Mid - Re - Diploid - Dormant - Extended - BC 18 - BR 4 - Rose lavender petals wrapped with pleated bold cream edging and cream veining, vivid green heart extends to lemon cream blush with lighter painted halo, cream midribs, diamond dusted and thick bubbling ruffles.

Soul of the South is a stunningly beautiful cultivar, a diploid that shows the pie crust edge we usually only see on tetraploids, on both petals and sepals. It is a breeding achievement at the diploid level. The color is a very bright rose/magenta early in the day with the near-white piecrust edge, which then fades throughout the day to a medium pink with a slightly darker band above the green to chartreuse throat.The form is close to unusual form. The scapes are nice with good bud count. The plant is attractive and the foliage is senescent (dormant) usually going nearly completely underground during the winter for me.

The plant can be vigorous with some care, needing to be watered in dry conditions and requiring amended soil and a periodic dose of fertilizer to keep going at full strength. Without those inputs, it can dwindle. I don’t recommend it for average garden situations, but it is an amazing flower advance that needs to be made use of. I recommend you use it over very vigorous partners and work to improve the vigor while combining that with the tremendous flower genetics.

The plant is fertile both ways and produces attractive, advanced seedlings, even when crossed to older cultivars with more old-fashioned flowers. Crossed to other modern cultivars, it can produce very interesting results, just watch for plant vigor. Soul of the South show rust susceptibility and insect susceptibility, so mate it to cultivars with resistance to those issues if they matter to you. I have produced seedlings with rust resistance and thrip resistance from Soul of the South when I have mated it to cultivars with high resistance to those problems. I have also been able to produce seedlings with high vigor in average garden conditions when I have crossed Soul of the South to much more vigorous plants.