Sunday, January 21, 2018

Pretty Graphic

Pretty Graphic

Linda Michaels – 2009 – Dip – 20” – 4” – EM – Br-2 – Bc-18 – Sev – Re – Ext – Peach with lavender gray through purple etched eye over green throat

This lovely little flower by Linda Michaels is a great performer and shows a nice eye pattern. It is a great addition to the little reblooming border miniatures at the diploid level and is a great garden plant. Used with Mike Huben’s little melon/cream reblooming diploids, I have produced some lovely seedlings.

Pretty Graphic is a great name, as it is a very pretty flower with the graphic patterned eye, but it is also a pretty plant. The semi-evergreen foliage looks good in the garden and it is very hardy here for me. I suspect it will do well in the south, but I don’t have any reports of it in the deep south.

While Pretty Graphic is fertile both ways, it seems to be better as a pollen parent for me, as its pod set is hit or miss in my garden. It has shown very good rust resistance here in my garden, and has produced resistant seedlings showing good breeding value for the trait.