Sunday, January 21, 2018

Military School

Military School

2005 - Santa Lucia - (Spanish Fandango x sdlg) - 30” - 6” - Mid - Diploid - Dormant - Diurnal - BC 20 - BR 2 - sdlg #IGGo5o6 - Burgundy purple with chevron patterned eye above yellow green throat

Military School is a very pretty flower, close to being a spider and useful for breeding patterned unusual forms and spiders. The color is a good, clear burgundy-purple and there is patterning on every flower, though the pattern is variable. The foliage is senescent (dormant) and the plant is vigorous. I have noted that it does best in full sun and seems to suffer in partial shade.

The plant shows moderate rust resistance and can throw more resistant seedlings when crossed with more resistant plants. It only shows moderate thrip/aphid resistance and needs to be bred with plants that show more insect resistance.

I have produced some very narrow spider seedlings with rust resistance from crossing Military School to such cultivars as Kindly Light and Galaxy Explosion.