Sunday, January 21, 2018

Mad Max

Mad Max

Wilson/Schott – 1989 – Parentage unknown – Dip – 46” – 7” – Mid – Dorm – UF cascade – Rosy purple spider with deep purple eyezone and chartreuse throat

This interesting older unusual form is a good plant with an attractive flower. The color is not as clear as some more modern types, but it is still attractive in the garden and it is a useful breeder. The plant has very good increase and shows senescent (dormant) foliage and the plant is attractive. The flower is a bicolor, with darker petals and lighter sepals. The scapes are tall and the branching and bud count are good.

Mad Max is fertile both ways and is a good breeder, as attested by the many registered offspring it has produced. It can produce seedlings with much cleaner flower color than it shows. Among those cleaner colored seedlings is Linda Michaels fine ‘For Algernon’.

Mad Max and several of its registered offspring are quite rust resistant and I have produced rust resistant seedlings from it in my garden. I also have several reports of Mad Max showing resistance to rust in other gardens, and its resistant offspring that are registered speak to its breeding value for the trait.