Sunday, January 21, 2018

Lily Munster

Lily Munster

E. Shooter – 2004 – (Stack The Deck x sdlg) – Dip – 31” – 8” – Mid – Br-3 – Bc-12 – Sev – Re – Ext – Noc – UF – Lavender rose buff above chartreuse green throat

Lily Munster is a great unusual form with a great name. The reverse bicolor pink is gorgeous and the big, green throat really sets off the clean pink tones. The petals are light pink and are stippled and striped with darker pink. The sepals are darker pink stippled heavily in dark pink. Sometimes there are spots of dark pink on the petals. While an unusual form, it is not far from being a spider and can produce spider seedlings.

While I have never gotten pods on Lily Munster, it has good pollen and I have many seedlings form it as pollen parent. The foliage is pretty, usually better than on most unusual forms, and is semi-evergreen but very hardy here in my garden. The plant increases quickly and recovers quickly from division. It often reblooms here for me.

The offspring of Lily Munster are often quite good, though many will look very similar to Lily Munster. Lily Munster is very rust resistant in my garden, rarely showing any rust, and has shown breeding value for the trait in my program.