Sunday, January 21, 2018

Lavender Stardust

Lavender Stardust

Carpenter – 1991 – Dip – 26” – 6” – ML – Frag – Dorm – Re – Lavender blend with green throat

Lavender Stardust is probably my favorite lavender diploid. It is a great plant with a beautiful flower of a lovely, clear lavender tone. I think it is one of the best of the older, readily available lavender/purple cultivars for the garden and for breeding for this color group. 

The plant is attractive and hardy. It has senescent (dormant) foliage. The flower, in addition to being a very pleasing tone, is nicely shaped, round and ruffled and shows fairly good resistance to insect pests such as thrips or aphids. The green throat that spreads out through chartreuse to yellow is a perfect complement to the obviously lavender color. 

Lavender Stardust is a good breeder. I have produced some very beautiful seedlings from this cultivar. It is also very rust resistant in my garden and I have reports of it being resistant in other gardens, and it has been rated as high resistant in several field trials, as well. It has also shown good breeding value for rust resistance for me.