Sunday, January 21, 2018

Kanai Sensei

Kanai Sensei

Mike Huben – 2006 – (Early and Often x Rosy Returns) – D - 18” – 3” – Early – Frag – Br 3 – Bc 16 – Dorm – Re – ext – Creamy melon self above green throat

I love this little cultivar from Mike Huben. Kanai Sensei is an interesting and beautiful little cultivar. It is much like Stella De Oro (from which it descends on both sides) and is a prodigious rebloomer in my garden, but it is a much nicer color, being a melon-based cream. It is an unusual color combination of melon, cream, yellow and a green throat. If you look closely it is a reverse bicolor, with the sepals the darker tones in the inner petal. The petals show that darker cream fading out to the light cream edges you see in the pictures. The entire flower has a cool green hue about it on some days. It is an unusual flower and throws beautiful seedlings in many clean tones.

Kanai Sensei is a fast increaser, often going form one fan up to ten in one year. The plant recovers quickly from division and establishes very fast. I get up to three rounds of rebloom after the initial early flowering in a good year. The plant is very fertile both ways, setting seeds heavily.

In addition to its other good traits, it has excellent rust resistance in my garden and in many other gardens as well. It descends from rust resistant ancestors, with both of its parents showing resistance in my garden and many others. It has very good breeding value for both rust resistance and rebloom, as well as for fast increase. It is a very useful breeder.