Sunday, January 8, 2017

Galaxy Explosion

Galaxy Explosion

Burris - 2003 - Diploid - Dormant - 40" scape - 4.5" flower - Midseason - Rebloom - Bud count: 16-20 - Branching: 3 way - Spider 4.00:1 - Orange with black eye above gold throat

Very interesting black-eyed orange spider. Pod fertile and of good breeding value. About it the hybridizer said, "Coppery-salmon blend with a deep black-purple eye above a gold throat. This daylily has proven to be 100% rust resistant and has been tested across the U.S. in heavily infested rust areas. It is a really fast increaser going from a single or double fan to 5 or six in one season and mature clump by the second full season. It is extremely pollen and pod fertile and is making some amazing offspring. Parent to Brushed By Bluebirds. Registered as having 3 way branching and 18 buds but when it matures shows better B&B."

I found an extensive quote from the hybridizer about the cultivar on a flower message board. The the hybridizer discussed the rust resistance of the cultivar and mentioned this about the likely parentage, "Although I did not keep parentage records back then very well, I do know what plants I was working with that year and I'm leaning toward a cross of Black Plush X Crimson Pirate. I recently found so old notes and I really think that is what the cross was, but without knowing for sure I just left it Seedling X Seedling so as not to mislead anyone."

I have had good experiences with Galaxy Explosion as a garden plant and as a pod parent. The pollen is fertile, but as this is a spider with high pod fertility, I focused on it as a pod parent. I too have never seen any rust on it, just as the hybridizer reported observing. I have tried to infect multiple clumps with rust for years and have never accomplished it. I am sure that some day, somewhere, Galaxy Explosion will show rust, but I know of no examples to date.

As well, it seems to have good breeding value for rust resistance, producing some seedlings in many crosses of what would appear to be resistance of the same level as Galaxy Explosion. When crossed to other extremely highly rust resistant cultivars, I have observed higher than average percentages of highly resistant seedlings.

I like to call these thicker, less extreme spider types with good pod fertility "hens", while I call the extreme, very narrow, almost-never pod fertile, but often pollen fertile spider types "roosters". Galaxy Explosion is an excellent "hen" for breeding interesting spider types and imparting rust resistance gene(s) into lines of any type, working with both spider/unusual form types and fuller types as well.