Sunday, January 21, 2018

Edge of Chaos

Edge of Chaos

Brian Mahieu – 2007 – [{(Cerulean Star x Loch Ness Monster) X [(Fairy Tale Pink x Donetha Marie) x Enchanter’s Spell]} – D - 36” – 7” – Mid – Br 4 – Bc 22 – Semi-evergreen – noc – ufo crispate

This lovely cultivar is one of my favorite Mahieu cultivars and is one of the very purest colored purple diploids I have ever grown. The color leans toward a blue purple and holds well throughout the day here in my garden. The throat is a striking chartreuse turning to white rays that radiate out into the petals and sepals and down the midrib. The plant is a fast increaser and is attractive. It divides well, establishes quickly but can take two years to fully settle in.

The semi-evergreen foliage is attractive. It is very hardy here in my garden. I suspect it will do well in the south and coming out of Brian Mahieu’s zone 5 program, I suspect it will do well at least into zone 5, but I have little data on how far north or south it will flourish.

Edge of Chaos is fertile both ways. It produces beautiful seedlings with very clean colors usually of unusual form, and can produce spider forms when paired with thinner partners. Edge of Chaos only shows very mild rust resistance, but it can produce much more resistant seedlings when crossed to more rust resistant partners.